Monday, 31 January 2011

Organic and eco-friendly baby gifts from Molliemoo

All Molliemoo luxury baby gifts and new mum gifts are made purely of organic and eco-friendly materials:

Organic Cotton
All babygrows, sleepsuits, shoes and blankets are made of 100% certified organic cotton.
 Bamboo Fibre
The baby hooded towel is made of bamboo fibre that thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers and is 100% sustainable.
The mini comfort blankets are made of ‘early years’ lambswool that comes from Merino sheep in Australia.
Recycled Materials
 Molliemoo has ensured ALL signature keepsake boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard.
Organic new baby presents are the perfect way to bring a smile to a loved one, friend or work colleague that are expecting or are celebrating the arrival of a newborn baby.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Chinese New Year - 5th February 2011

This Chinese New Year, celebrated on the 5th February 2011, is the year of the Rabbit.

To celebrate the birth of a beautiful baby boy or girl we have a fantastic baby gift to commemorate the year your little treasure was born.

Sigikide HiPP Organic Cotton Bunny Toy - RRP £19.50

A soft and cuddly 100% organic cotton bunny that is:
  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • Filled with 100% lambswool
  • Free from all harmful substances so ideal for a newborn baby
  • Size 21cm and machine washable
  • Gift wrapped in ivory tissue paper
  • Gift card for personal message
  • Order before 2pm (Mon - Fri) and your gift will be sent same day by FREE first class recorded delivery to a UK mainland address (1-2 days delivery)
For the ideal eco-friendly and organic baby present or new mum gift, take a look at our website for all our new baby gifts and baby gift boxes.

Anna and Cathy
New baby gifts

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The wonders of being identical twins

Being an identical twin is great but some strange things do happen please read the following true story:

Three years ago Cathy was 9 months pregnant with her daughter and I dreamt one night that she would start going into labour at 12.30am, then 7 days later she did exactly that started contractions at 12.30am.

What makes this more spooky is that 4 days before she gave birth she woke up at 12.30am to find she had a burst water pipe in her house!

Anyway, Cathy was in labour and the following happens:
  • She goes into hospital at 2am having 3 minute contractions
  • I find myself waking at 2am having a very strange dream. 
  • I am dreaming of trying to find Cathy in a very big hotel (I come from working in hotels so I assume this is why rather than a hospital) and I keep walking up and downstairs, going up and down escalators or going in and out of lifts.  However, they would never lead me to her (even though I could hear Cathy's voice) which I was finding so frustrating... and then I would find myself outside the hotel where an ambulance was standing realising Cathy was still in there.  
  • So I would go back into the hotel and have this same dream reoccurring again and again and again......until Cathy's husband called at 5.30am and told me she had gone in to hospital at 2am. It then all made sense.....very weird but I was obviously aware she was in pain and was trying to reach her.
Cathy and I did not believe that twins are telepathic but on this occasion maybe......

What is also very unique is that I gave birth to my first child, three years ago, which was a girl and then Cathy also had a baby girl five months later. We have both since had a second child which strangely have both been boys.....

We are so lucky to both have a girl and a boy, but what would the odds have been on us having the same and in the same order?

I hope you enjoyed reading our true story

Anna and Cathy
New Twins Gifts
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Monday, 24 January 2011

Ideal gift for a new baby

One of our favourite baby gift items in our baby accessories section is the Mini Comfort Blanket. It is so soft and very cute but also unique.....

A luxury mini comfort blanket, ideal for a newborn baby that is made;
  • with the softest felted 'early years' lambswool
  • with felted bobbles, flowers and loops for baby to touch
  • Handmade
  • safety certified
  • machine washable
  • size 14cm x 14cm
  • Gift card for personal message
  • Order before 2pm (Mon - Fri) and your gift will be sent same day by FREE first class recorded delivery to a UK mainland address (1-2 days delivery)
This new baby present is also available in blue and yellow.
For the ideal eco-friendly and organic baby present or new mum gift, take a look at our website for all our new baby gifts and baby gift boxes.

Anna and Cathy
New baby presents

Friday, 21 January 2011

Food Glorious Food Exhibition - 29th January - 25th April 2011

A new exhibition is coming to the V & A Museum of childhood from the 29th January to 25th April 2011.

Its a chance for everyone to experience how different childrens diets were back in Edwardian times and how british food, from school dinners to home cooking, has changed over 100 years including the years of war and rationing. It also explores how food is grown and where it comes from.

There will be special activities for children including storytelling and arts and crafts during half term (21st-25th February)

A great day out for all the family.

New mum gifts
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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Should you use a mobile phone whilst pregnant?

Whilst I was pregnant with my children I used my mobile phone as normal and had it with me most of the time.

I was intrigued to read an article about a Danish researcher who had concluded that babies in the womb, exposed to a mobile phone signal were 40% more likely to have behaviour problems in childhood. However it did not take into account how the baby was brought up including the interaction between mum and baby.

It got me thinking about my own chidrens behaviour. Although they have their moments they are usually well behavioured and only really play up when they are trying to get my attention, which of course I try to ignore or the naughty step comes out.

I do think that these types of research give parents another excuse to explain their childrens bad behaviour rather than looking for the real reason. Most children only behave badly to get your attention, as long as you have a happy home with lots of playtime but also boundries then you are half way there.

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Monday, 17 January 2011

Baby Gift Box of the Month

In the month of December our best selling gift boxes were from our twins range! I have to say the twin baby gift boxes are lovely for your little bundles of joy........

Bundles of Joy - Twin Girls RRP £95

A beautiful organic and eco-friendly baby gift box that is a unique new mum and twin/multiple birth present, and includes:
  • Two 100% organic cotton long sleeved pink sleepsuits (0-6 months)
  • Organic chamomile baby wash 200ml (certified by the soil assoc.)
  • 100% organic soothing nappy balm 50ml (certified by the soil assoc.)
  • One Eco-friendly 100% natural cotton soft lamb toy (16.5cm)
  • One Eco-friendly 100% natural cotton soft cow toy (16.5cm)
  • Complimentary gift from Molliemoo and Gift card for personal message
  • Signature Molliemoo keepsake box
  • Order before 2pm (Mon - Fri) and your gift will be sent same day by FREE first class recorded delivery to a UK mainland address (1-2 days delivery)
 This new baby present is also available in blue (Bundle of Joy - Twin boys) and pink and blue (Bundle of Joy - Twin girl and boy).

Ideal newborn baby present or new mum gift, take a look at our website for all our other baby gift boxes that we sell.

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Friday, 14 January 2011

Sibling Rivalry

My two children today have been arguing, not playing nicely and generally not getting on and it made me think of when I was younger and how I was with my sisters (I was the eldest).

While we were growing up we had our fair share of tempers, tantrums and fallings out but were also very great friends (which is still the case) .

Here are ten tips to help you with your children deal with sibling rivalry:
  • Praise your children when they are playing nicely together 
  • Don't give them your attention when they behave badly
  • Don't aim for perfect harmony as arguing is part of socialising.
  • Treat children equally
  • Make sure they communicate their feelings with you
  • Make sure you have one to one time with each child
  • Set ground rules for acceptable behaviour
  • Never assume that one of you children is always the troublemaker
  • Play games that involve either teams or taking turns to teach them to cooperate
  • Parental attitudes: Make sure you are consistent with your rewarding and telling off.  If you have a disagreement sort out in a calm way especially with the children watching (but try to do it when they are not around)
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    Wednesday, 12 January 2011

    Happy New Year. Expecting in 2010! Top Baby Names

    Happy New Year! Molliemoo has a very exciting year ahead! Please ensure that you subscribe to our newsletter to get information on our new product lines that will be available shortly - Newsletter Subscription

    The most popular baby names of 2010 (survey by Bounty).

    Top Boys Names: Oliver, Jack, Harry, Charlie and Alfie.

    Top Girls Names: Olivia (third year in a row), Sophie, Lily, Emily and Ruby.

    Bella, Lacey, Ollie and Zachary are the highest climbing names in the pole.

    New baby gifts 

    Friday, 7 January 2011

    How organic is baby skincare products?

    When looking for an organic range of baby and new mum skincare products for our molliemoo baby gift boxes and new mum gifts. We found to our amazement that the organic beauty industry does not have to comply to any legal standards for these products. So many products ONLY need to contain 1% organic ingredients and possibility include potentially hazardous ingredients and they can still label the product "organic"!

    I find this hard to believe as we all look at the front of a label and believe what it states. If it uses the word "organic" you would assume the product was completely made up of organic ingredients, but this is just not the case.

    That is why we went to great lengths to find products that were made up of over 75% organic ingredients and many of the products are soil associated. (I will go into more detail about the soil association in a different blog and explain why it is so important to have this accreditation on a product)

    We are selling the following organic baby and new mum skincare products:

    Maclarens Baby Travel Kit £29.95 and Maclaren Travel Bag for Mother and Baby £50.00 which include products that are 100% certified organic and are soil associated. (The absorbing dusting powder can be found in both sets and this product has won the best organic baby product award at the Natural and Organic Expo 2009

    In our bathtime baby gift boxes,@ £65 girls, boys and neutral we sourced Pur Babies bath wash and nappy balm, which are soil associated and certified organic.

    We love these products, please take a look on our website for more details on any of the products mentioned above.

    Also as always the cost of first class delivery is included in the prices above


    Wednesday, 5 January 2011

    What is a babymoon?

    What is a Babymoon? It is like a 'honeymoon' taken by a newlywed couple but a holiday taken by a couple expecting a baby. Normally taken in the second trimester when the mum-to-be can still travel and are hopefully over the sickness/tiredness of the first trimester.

    Why go on a Babymoon? For the parents-to-be to enjoy a final trip together before the sleepless nights, nappies, feeding.... The primary goal to rest and relax!

    Babymoon destinations and ideas. You really do not need to go far from home for a great babymoon. Why not book a spa resort hotel in your own town or nearby? If you do go away, try to keep a flexible itinerary so that you can rest as often as you need too!

    If you cannot get away, why not just buy yourself or your partner a pampering gift to relax and enjoy in your own home: New Mum Gifts