Friday, 15 July 2011


What is a Babymoon?
It is like a 'honeymoon' taken by a newlywed couple but a holiday taken by a couple expecting a baby. Normally taken in the second trimester when the mum-to-be can still travel and are hopefully over the sickness/tiredness of the first trimester.

Why go on a Babymoon?
For the parents-to-be to enjoy a final trip together before the sleepless nights, nappies, feeding.... The primary goal to rest and relax!

Babymoon destinations and ideas
You really do not need to go far from home for a great babymoon. We live close to Brighton and London which would only take 20-45 minutes by train which is perfect as they are far enough away from home but you will not be exhausted before starting the break.

Why not book a spa resort hotel in your own town or nearby? If you do go away, try to keep a flexible itinerary so that you can rest as often as you need too!

I would highly recommend having some time together as a couple before the birth of your newborn baby because once your precious son or daughter is born they will become your main priority and focus.

If you cannot get away, why not just buy yourself or your partner a pampering gift to relax and enjoy in your own home: Why not take a look at our new mum presents.

Friday, 8 July 2011

NEW - Bamboo Soft Toys

Molliemoo is proud to present their new range of soft toys.....

Completely unique eco-friendly soft toys which are an ideal gift for a newborn baby. They are made from Bamboo which is a sustainable resource that is soft and easy to clean, making it the perfect baby gift.
  • Bamboo Duck Soft Toy
  • Ideal gift for either a boy or girl
  • Made from bamboo
  • Size 22 cm
  • (Surface washable)
  • Gift card for personal message
  • Wrapped in cream tissue paper and tied with green raffia

These gorgeous soft toys are also available as a Horse and a Mouse:

If you order before 2pm (Mon-Fri) your gift will be sent the same day by FREE Royal Mail first class delivery to any UK mainland address (1-2 working days).

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Why use cotton nappies?

I decided to use cotton nappies with both of my children as I wanted to help our environment and save money.

However it has had a better impact as my son is now potty trained at 20 months and I have just put away the cotton nappies for good. My daughter was the same and I believe this is largely due to using real nappies as they can feel when they are wetting themselves.

Here are five other reasons why I use cotton nappies:

  1. Real nappies are easy to use: No folding and pinning like my mum had to do (and she had twins!)! They are easy to put on they either come with snaps or velcro for the perfect fit, even dads will have no excuse for not being able to change a nappy. They come in a variety of materials, colours and patterns there is a great choice. (My county council also provides me with some free real nappies to get you started - does yours?)

  2. No chemicals. Chemicals used to absorb liquid in disposable nappies are also close to your babies skin. With real nappies, no chemicals. Don’t forget these same chemicals end up in landfills and have an effect on our environment by also ending up in our waters.

  3. Real nappies are easy to wash. I use persil on a hot wash and they always come out clean. I also use nappy liners to keep the nappies free from being soiled.

  4. Gentle on the skin. The wicking action of real nappies pulls liquids away from your baby’s bottom. Baby’s gentle untouched skin needs to be treated with care, what better way than with real nappies.

  5. Save thousands of pounds. I know I am paying for liners and electricity to wash the nappies but I think this outways the cost of disposable nappies as well as the fact that they will go to landfill and will never decompose!

Just give it a go you will be amazed how easy it is to do.

For more information I would recommend the Real Nappy Information Service as it provides comprehensive information on all aspects of real nappies.

New born Baby Gifts

Monday, 4 July 2011

Molliemoo Organic Baby Clothing

All Molliemoo's new born babygrows and sleepsuits are made of 100% certified organic cotton.
Organic cotton is grown using sustainable growing practices so that the impact on the environment is reduced.

Organic cotton is an ideal choice for babies delicate skin because:
  • As cotton is grown using NO chemical pesticides, insecticides or dyes (a babies skin can absorb chemicals 5 times more easily than an adults skin  – which can irritate their skin); and
  • Organic cotton is thicker, stronger and much softer than conventional cotton

For all your new born baby gifts visit our website:

Friday, 1 July 2011

Ideal Gift for a New Baby

If you are looking for the perfect new born baby present then these specially selected luxury collection are perfect. The new baby gifts are beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, presented in a lovely gift bag and prices include Free UK first class delivery.

An example of one of our newborn baby gift sets is the:

Babygrow and Booties Gift Set - Neutral - £30.00

This beautiful organic and eco-friendly newborn baby gift set includes:
  • Long sleeved 100% organic cotton neutral babygrow (0-6 months)
  • Hand knitted neutral booties (0-3 mths)
  • Gift card for personal message
  • Presented in a white gift bag with ribbon
  • Order before 2pm (Mon-Fri) and your gift will be sent today by FREE Royal Mail first class delivery to a UK mainland address (1-2 working days)

For your ideal eco-friendly and organic baby present or new mum gift, take a look at our website,, for all our new born baby gifts, baby gift boxes and baby gift sets.