Friday, 15 July 2011


What is a Babymoon?
It is like a 'honeymoon' taken by a newlywed couple but a holiday taken by a couple expecting a baby. Normally taken in the second trimester when the mum-to-be can still travel and are hopefully over the sickness/tiredness of the first trimester.

Why go on a Babymoon?
For the parents-to-be to enjoy a final trip together before the sleepless nights, nappies, feeding.... The primary goal to rest and relax!

Babymoon destinations and ideas
You really do not need to go far from home for a great babymoon. We live close to Brighton and London which would only take 20-45 minutes by train which is perfect as they are far enough away from home but you will not be exhausted before starting the break.

Why not book a spa resort hotel in your own town or nearby? If you do go away, try to keep a flexible itinerary so that you can rest as often as you need too!

I would highly recommend having some time together as a couple before the birth of your newborn baby because once your precious son or daughter is born they will become your main priority and focus.

If you cannot get away, why not just buy yourself or your partner a pampering gift to relax and enjoy in your own home: Why not take a look at our new mum presents.

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