Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Do you need a degree to be able to run a successful business?

Today molliemoo were approached by Channel 5 news.
They were looking for successful company owners, who had not gone to university and obtained a degree, for an article they will be running.

With students receiving there A Level results on Thursday and with university fees being so high the main question they will be asking is whether it is worth going to university.

Both my sister and I do not have a degree but I believe that this has not hindered us. We set up molliemoo three years ago and it has become more and more successful each year. However to achieve what we have achieved, up until now has been a learning process and hard work but well worth it. If we had received a degree, depending on which one was achieved, it may have helped us to start our careers at a higher level but would not have helped in setting up our own business.

Whether a student should go to university, I think, depends on what kind of profession they would like to enter. Obtaining a degree is still important especially if the student wishes to be doctors, lawyers, teachers and any other profession which requires a specified degree. However for other professions I think it would really be worth looking at whether you can achieve your goals without a degree. Many companies now do apprenticeships, in house training or will sponsor you to obtain a degree, whilst working, therefore it may be a more realistic approach instead of having such an enormous debt at the end of university. It may take a few years longer but could be worth out.

Would love to hear your thoughts?

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